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Elliott Wave International presents Wall Street Uncut Unconventional Financial Interviews
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Dave Allman

"I just discovered Wall Street Uncut, and it is outstanding. Dave Allman is by far the most knowledgeable interviewer on Wall Street."

Thomas M.

"Excellent interviews, great collection of people. I really like your interviewing style and the people you interview always seem to say its the best interview they've ever had! I like the details and specifics and the expounding of ideas rather than just, "what's your tech stock du jour?" Your site's a great example of why I love the internet. The mass broadcast market just doesn't do the kind of detailed, in-depth interviews you do. I really enjoy it."

Patrick D. Park

"I absolutely love listening to your show. I often stay up late to work on job proposals and would like to thank you for the fascinating conversations you have. I enjoy the sense of humor you are able to inject to the interview. How can one not be compelled to listen to an interview that is previewed with mention of "Kama Sutra". Real life stories such as that of Dick Diamond are incredibly refreshing. Unfortunately I fell into the category of "Average Investor" before learning about the Elliott wave. Hearing how they overcame their initial setbacks is very encouraging to those of us who made all of the initial rookie mistakes."

Mike Smith
3 Think Communications
Toronto, Canada

"I enjoy your show Wall Street Uncut immensely. I believe I have listened to every one, some of them twice. I like to hear the opinions which are too "unorthodox" for the main stream "bubble-vision," and to be able to hear the voices of some people whom I know only from print."

Michael Nystrom

"I look forward to the interviews each Friday like a favorite TV program (of which I have very few!)"

Hal Cumberland

"Great program, I like the format and the guests are the best of the best!"

David Williams

"Another great and timely interview."

Mark Lenz

"I thought I would listen to the interviews of your guests mainly to learn something new about Elliott wave. However, in addition to that I find myself smiling and laughing."

Jeff Dempsey

"The list of past interviews is growing like a list of "Who’s who" in conventional and unconventional market analysis. What seems to be missing from the 1990’s market is this personality color which has been replaced with the businesslike gurus. You can now find the "color" in Wall Street Uncut."

Bob Roeske
OEX Trader

"Great program, one of the best!"

W. Bishop Jordan
President Kway Engineering

"Keep up the good work. These interviews are excellent. Your choice of interviewees is superb."

Hartley Cranton
President/Treasurer Cranton Homes Inc.

"Wall Street Uncut just keeps getting better! I've been listening a while now, and I love the fact that you keep a handful of interviews on the web site still so I can catch one I missed while on vacation, or go back a few weeks later and listen again where I feel there's more to be gleaned from it."

Weldon Macdonald
Portfolio Accountant

"Outstanding, informative and courageous!"

Guy Bacon

"They remind me of the old FNN network on television before CNBC. It is always interesting to hear different opinions than buy and hold."

George Klein

“Just wanted to let you know that your show is wonderfully entertaining and informative. As a college student studying finance it is good to hear some contrarian views about economics and the financial markets. It is very easy to get swept away by the prevailing bullish sentiment of Wall Street investment houses. Keep it going!”

Brian O’Connor

“I just recently discovered “Wall Street Uncut.” I just want to tell you I think they’re terrific! They stimulate my thinking: they’re amusing, informative, and most unusual.”

David Michael Myers

“Highest kudos on your show, “Wall Street Uncut.” Your choice of guests is superb. I don’t know how to say this delicately but so many of the financial analysts on TV and radio seem like drones. However, each one of your guests seemed vibrant and living very creatively. I am very glad I’m wired in to the best work that is being done on Wall Street!”

Lawrence S. Taylor
PhD Student
University of Rochester

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